VISION OF LIGHT - March 10 - 23, 2011

Beata Goik

Opening Reception: Thursday March 10 6-8 PM


Beata’s primary focus is on light and texture. Light in her work speaks about spiritual aspects of our existence and about divine and mysterious Presence. The textured and organic emergence of the surfaces relates to our earthly physicality and symbolizes our human struggle with life circumstances and with ourselves. Light penetrates through the texture and offers transformation, a sense of peace and belonging. It reminds us of our true destination. These symbolic images refer to Beata’s own spiritual and emotional development and also to the inner experiences of people who share with her their life journey.

Both the light and texture in her work are developed through the complex, layered and mixed-media processes which she experimented with and learned over the years of her artistic activity. She wanted to achieve relief-like appearances to emphasize depth and dimension and to express complexity of the interior.

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