Victoria Markowski, Paul Feltoe, Takin Aghdashloo, Samantha Brown / Bryson Gilbert, Kelly Hutcheson, Ajayen Paramalingam, Moses Eniojukan, Oliver Banyard, Kristen Bunting, Sasha Arfin, Jessica Devnani, Connor Deachman, Jisun Lee, Keet Geniza

Opening Reception: April 7, 5 - 10 PM



Meta 2011: A Showcase of New Media Artworks is the fifth annual graduate exhibition hosted by Ryerson University’s New Media program. It is coordinated within the School of Image Arts, a highly regarded program in Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design. The showcase presents the opportunity for graduating students to introduce themselves and their distinct styles to the Toronto arts community and begin their professional careers. The whole project consists of 35 artists and 11 members on the curatorial team who are putting great effort into exceeding expectations with the event. The event will open at the Arta Gallery on Thursday April 7 from 4pm to 10pm and will continue to Saturday April 9, 2011.

New Media is a highly recognized, prestigious fine-arts program that produces some of the greatest talents in technological innovation. It is defined by the use of emerging technological mediums, not limiting how one can utilize his or her creative expression to create new art forms; it stretches the boundaries of artistry today. Although New Media practices have existed for some time, lately it has been gaining a great amount of recognition. It is important to keep publicizing what New Media practices are, so opportunities like Meta 2011 will continue to fuel this great art form.

Over twenty projects will be featured at Meta 2011 such as:

Contact(4444) - The product of an obsession with light and electricity. The piece aims to represent binary code in pure visual form through the direction of over 200 clear incandescent light bulbs.

Expansion Felt - A social and kinetic sculpture that is an embodiment of the ideal interaction between humans in a web of public relations. As a person approaches the form, it unfolds and expands outward, welcoming the presence of another. When the person moves away from the piece, it folds back down again.
Armour – A time-based installation via an avant-garde gown that aims to respond to prejudice and ignorance towards the gay community which is prevalent in modern society. The piece symbolically represents both sides of an individual: the homosexual incognito, as well as one full of pride and acceptance.

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