META 2013: ACTIVE INGREDIENT - March 28 - 31, 2013

Artists Alex Jordan | Amanda Wood | Cristal Sung | Dean Park + Erin Sweeney | Emily Halberstadt| Jamie Chirico| Ji Wong You | Karen Cochrane + Olivia Kolakowski | Kathryn Barrett |Linda Lou | Rachael Brown | Rola Kuidir | Samar Hejazi | Zaid Edghaim
Opening Reception: Thursday March 28, 5pm - 11pm


META 2013 is an exhibition that showcases the artwork of fourth year New Media students. We use technology to create innovative works that redefine the way you think about art. We push the limits of interactivity, connectivity and image-making. We understand that people provide the connection between art and technology. What we do today will influence the way you live tomorrow.

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