ETHOS: PORTRAITS OF THE CITY - April 1 - 8, 2013

Alexander Frid, Cassandra D’Onofrio, Catlin Overend, Christine Psaila, Daniela Mitrovic, Dannika Moses, Ivy Lin, Jennifer Weiler, Jessica Duck,Jessica Raymond, Jimmy Ebanks, Kailynn Fife, Lili Nui, Meaghan Declerq, Nicole Medeiros, Paul Seymand, Rhyal May, Tiia Dodge, Vivian Mak
Opening Reception: Wednesday April 3, 6pm-9pm


Toronto contains an abundance of persona that is drawn to a landscape of varying experiences. Being a multicultural city, Toronto provides the unique opportunity of interpreting and experiencing a variety of cultures. Each project you see here is a portrait of Toronto. Some projects are contextual and abstract, while others are literal; all are intimate and personal, and expresses the understandings of what Toronto means to the forth year image arts students.

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