LIGHT FESTIVAL - February 2 - March 12, 2017

Ryan Longo

Toronto Light Festival

Light infiltrates a person's physical, personal, and spiritual life in essential ways, and so the concept of artistic expression through light is both natural and seductive. Light awakes us in the morning, warms our skin, and has a powerful ability to elevate our mood and sense of well-being. Light is openness, clarity, and, ultimately, light is understanding.

This winter, Toronto's Distillery District will be stirred from its frigid hallows, and re-imagined into a spectacular extravaganza of illumination. The hope is to offer a revitalizing and fantastical escape to everyone who comes out to join in the festivity. Arta Gallery is pleased to be participating in this special event, along with Toronto artist and designer, Ryan Longo. Ryan is intrigued by the intersection of nature and technology, as nature is the perfectly-balanced machine. Using industrial technologies in his art, the natural world is evoked through modern creative tools. His light pieces are both eternal and futuristic.

Come experience and enjoy Toronto's Light Fest with us at Arta Gallery, on from February 2nd-March 12th, 2017 in the historic Distillery District. Be transported by the beauty and possibility of light this season.

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