IN THE ART - May 30 - June 11, 2009

Clement Cheng, Matt Durant, Sean Galbraith, Rowena Leacock, Pam Patterson, Erika Riemer-sartory, Hanna Ruminski, Marica Schnoor, Julita Wolanska, Adi Zur, Sari Jackson Zon

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 30, 5-7pm


To 'abstract' means to draw away from, to separate, and not to refer to something particular. This is an unusual representational form, a strong visual language, an interesting artistic composition which exists either in artists’ mind or in the art itself.

Wassily Kandinsky believes that abstract painting is the most difficult of all the arts. It has to be the most pure and direct way of expression. It is visible, but on the other hand the essential aspects are invisible. Initially it is art for us to see, however it is also in the art for us to discover.

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