DREAMERS - March 18 - 30, 2014

Navid Fard, Jayne Libby Sims, Emily Cooper, Richard Ahnert, Ania Machudera, Momocilo Simic, Ania Biczysko, Wojtek Biczysko, Eric Robitaille, Irena IRiKO Kolodziej, Elizabeth Hardinge, Simin Keramati & Darius Sanei
Opening Reception: Wednesday March 19th 6-8pm


‘DREAMERS’ will encompass a collection of artworks tailored to the styles of both the twentieth-century art movement Surrealism, as well as dream like Figurative paintings. The collection will aim to embody the contradictory conditions of dreams and reality.

It will be an exhibition with strong references to the real world, but with perspective and concepts applied uniquely by each artist, changing the reality into a dream; ultimately forcing reactions unique to each individual viewer.

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