COLOR AND LIGHT - August 27 - September 27, 2013

Gearge Szabo, Eleftheria Gerari, Alejandro Reyes Andreu, Kate Taylor, Marie Rioux, Peter Colbert, Jayne Libby Sims, Tania Guzmán, Maria Hanacek, Marlene Pape, Afshin Harati, Ivo Stoyanov, Sassan Nassiri, Adriana Joshua, Adi Zur, Michael Black, Peter Wedzicha, Elizabeth Hardinge, Claus Heinecke, Paul Mantrop, Olga Kotova, Mason Mummery, Alejandro Reyes Andreu, and Reza Bassiri.
A collection of art works expressing possibilities of light and color. Brought together by complementary and contrasting hues. We welcome you to come and enjoy this exhibit throughout the month of September.

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