Glass Sculptures by C. Anderson

C. Anderson is a graduate of the Sheridan College Crafts and Design Glass Program. While maintaining an interest in, and continuing to conceptually draw upon, as wide a range of media as possible, focusing on working with glass has offered her the versatility to create both sculptural and functional works while allowing for the goal of developing the utmost quality and integrity within each piece created.

“I am intrinsically attracted to the alternating chaos and serenity of the human condition. I am seeking to express our constant contradictions; the imperfections that complete us, the patterns and hierarchies that define us. Most recently, I have been investigating the idea of human rights and how our global world is seeking to understand, classify and distribute said rights," said Anderson.

"Glass became apparent to me as the perfect sculptural medium in my investigations, its own inconsistency with any other material being the perfect reflection of ourselves. Its inherent contradictions are the reason for it.”


glass sculpture by c. anderson


pink glass sculpture by c. anderson

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