Artist Highlight - Maryam Ebrahimi - Flying Together

We would like to highlight new work by Arta resident artist Maryam Ebrahimi,
“Flying Together,” 30” x 30”, Acrylic on Canvas.
Maryam Ebrahimi is known for her ability to capture the illusion of flow on an otherwise static canvas. With over two decades of experience, she developed an artistic style that is uniquely her own. Her use of limited color pallets, combined with heavy layers and seamless brush strokes, results in artwork that is full of depth and personality.
The philosophy behind her work is a balance between yin and yang. Each piece has a busy area that is layered with texture and various subject matter; this is the yin. These busy areas are juxtaposed with a calm area where the viewer's eyes can rest and the mind can be at peace; this is the yang.
This is one of the many reasons why her creations are sought after by collectors. Ebrahimi's life is a rich tapestry of global experiences, all of which influence the professional artist she is today. Her art has been showcased nationally and abroad, in solo and group shows.