Marilyn Freedman

Serenity Landscape, 30" x 40"

$2,500 CAD

Oil on Canvas by Marilyn Freedman

“For me, creativity is the ability to be aware of our experiences through the integration of our intuition, feelings, thoughts and perceptions, and to respond objectively with the courage to be concerned with the truth, and the faith to trust our powers.”  M. Freedman

"Picasso is one of my biggest influencers because he created works of art that crossed all the visual fields from, drawing, painting, sculpture, and pottery.  He was constantly experimenting and evolving as an artist. My practice, too,  includes painting, drawing, sculpture and pottery.  The eternal student in me is always experimenting with oils, acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media. I love to work contemporaneously in 2 and 3 dimensions, conveying a multilayered message viewed in unison. My style is recognized by the use of colour combinations and by the free-flowing movement in the work, whether figurative, landscape, or abstract.

I draw on my extensive background in fashion, theatre, home furnishings, and design, to execute work that satisfies my expression of the spirit within."

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