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Art Instructor Robot

$220 CAD

The art instructor robot is designed to help your kid(s) learn drawing, math, and spelling easily from the comfort of your home. This makes a great Christmas gift or a gift for other special occasions.

The drawing bot is programmed to entertain and educate, making it perfect for family fun-time!

Whether on Saturday nights or weekdays, Izzy can bring you and your family together while enjoying fun-filled drawing activities.

Keeps Your Kids Away From Screens!

More than ever, children are spending excessive time behind the screen, playing video games and watching TV.

With drawing robot, your kid can enjoy more than 100 hours of highly engaging educational contents, keeping them far away from the screen.

The best part is, everything comes included. The bot does not need wifi nor complementary apps to perform its duties.

It is even compact, and has a built-in rechargeable battery so kids can take it with them wherever they go! 


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