WORKSHOP BY BOBAK ETMINANI - August 22 - 22, 2010

Opening Reception: Sunday, 3-7Pm

I'd like to invite you to participate in an exciting drawing workshop by the well known artist BOBAK ETMINANI in Arta Gallery. Bobak performed this workshop successfully in Paris and now it is a great opportunity to be having it in Toronto.

The topic of this workshop is "The Academic Roots of Abstract Expressionism in Practice." Bobak will individually guide you through specific practical exercises, using live model. This four-hour workshop is good for all levels, from beginner to very advanced.

When: Sunday, August 22ND, 2010, 3 - 7 PM.

Special Fee: $45 CAD

Fay Athari, Arta Gallery

About Bobak Etminani

" ... top-notch abstract paintings... infinity in a grain of sand... Etminani is moving in the direction of the new abstraction that I have seen in Europe and North America in the past few years… a reinvented abstraction… resistant to the narrative ease of this image world and is resolute in creating a pictorial space within painting where images remain malleable and formative, open to the human engagement that shapes meaning as a negotiation of fact and sensibility rather than as a transaction of recognitions and ready-made content… His paintings embrace physics and metaphysics in ways that seem acutely contemporary... He presents the real at a distance, and also the real that is hidden inside. With the format of his paintings, he also presents a real that faces us squarely." (Canadian Art Magazine, January 2008)

Bobak's Site:

List of materials:

1) 18" x 24" drawing pad (newsprint would do)

2) 18" x 24" drawing board

3) Vine charcoal, medium softness (a few sticks)

4) Compressed charcoal, medium softness (two sticks)

5) soft drawing pencil (B, or B1)

6) hard eraser

7) masking tape

For those who wish to bring colored materials too:

8) Red chalk

9) Chalk pastels, medium softness (greens, yellows and oranges ONLY)


Please RSVP by August 18.

Thank you,

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