WOLFGANG KALS - November 7 - 10, 2013

Wolfgang Kals
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7th, 6 pm


Exclusive debut of Wolfgang Kals at Arta Gallery this coming November.

The late Kals was a prolific contemporary painter and is collected internationally by private buyers and celebrities. Kals, aka Robert Kennedy the founder of Robert Kennedy Publishing and married to fitness icon Tosca Reno, painted under his father’s name Wolfgang Kals.

Inspired by the body and famous personas he used iconography to grasp his viewer’s attention, guiding the eye into his colorful and experimental practice. Kals’ imagery boasts many sizes and explores compelling notions of artistic practice.

This exclusive exhibition will also include prints by Chagall and Picasso as well as Chihuly glassworks from the Kennedy estate collection, and will serve as a glimpse into Kals’ life as artist and collector.

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