WHAT EVER IMAGINED IS REAL - July 17 - August 1, 2012

Marilyn Blumer Cochrane, Paul Garbett, Steve Gordon, Tania Guzman, Marina Hanacek, Mouna Ikhlassy, Leah Landau, James Lane, David Marshak, Sassan Nassiri, Lydia Panart, Madeleine Roske, Semco Salehi, Jayne Libby Sims, George Szabo, Julita Wolanska, Tooran Zandieh
Opening Reception: Thursday July19, 6-8PM


Creating art is an act of self expression influenced by one's experiences, shaped by imagination and imagination is what is real.

The exhibition activates your imagination, prompting you to take a second and third look in order to fully see what the art represents.

Opening reception Thursday July 19, 6-8pm

Artists in attendance, wine, cheese will be served

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