THINKING ABOUT ART - November 4 - 17, 2010

About Bobak Etminani
" ... top-notch abstract paintings... infinity in a grain of sand... Etminani is moving in the direction of the new abstraction that I have seen in Europe and North America in the past few years… a reinvented abstraction… resistant to the narrative ease of this image world and is resolute in creating a pictorial space within painting where images remain malleable and formative, open to the human engagement that shapes meaning as a negotiation of fact and sensibility rather than as a transaction of recognitions and ready-made content… His paintings embrace physics and metaphysics in ways that seem acutely contemporary... He presents the real at a distance, and also the real that is hidden inside. With the format of his paintings, he also presents a real that faces us squarely." (Canadian Art Magazine, January 2008)

Bobak Etminani, The Observation 2

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