THE SOUND OF PAINTING - January 14, 2018

Opening Reception: 2pm - 6pm


Celebrating a Decade in Children’s Art Excellency. This exhibition features 90+ unique original paintings by children (6-12 years old) from The Sound of Painting Studio. Majority artworks are painted by children on large size Canvas (36 x 48 Inch, 30 x 40 Inch, 18 x 36 inch, 17 x 21 inch). Come and join us to celebrate a Decade’s art excellency and support these little artists. A small number of artworks will be sold for donation to charity candidates (eg. SickKids Foundation).

The Sound of Painting is an art studio for children. All works are produced by these little artists. The pieces possess their small portion of happiness, thoughts, plans, enchantments, and determination time after time. They use spectacular strings to weave their dreams, singing their own songs with splendid
colors. Come and support our Children who are the future of our lovely diverse community.

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