SUMMER HEAT III - July 9 - 29, 2014

Mahtab Abdollahi, Holly Atkinson, Elise Caron, Marilyn Blumer Cochrane, Michael Black, Detlef 'Dego' Gotzens, Irena Desovska, Shahla Etemad-Zadeh, Tania Guzman, Marina Hanacek, Ronald Headland, Claus Heinecke, Mehnoush Modonpour, Kate Taylor, Susan Ross, Mike Smalley, Jayne Libby Sims, Jan Wheeler
Opening Reception: July 10th 6pm - 8pm


This July, Arta Gallery will be showcasing its third annual summer group exhibition. Hosting an expressive abstract collection, each piece encapsulates the colour and vibe of summer in Toronto.

Please join us on Thursday, July 10th for the opening reception of Summer Heat III, where all artists will be present to speak about their work.

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