Opening Reception: 6-8pm


CONTACT 2015 at Arta Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, May 8th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Canadian Photographers are as diverse as the pictures they shoot, and the subjects that inspire them.
We all took roads to get here. For some it was a journey, for some a geographic path that led to the here and now, to our Toronto.

The roads we take shape our view of the world around us, and guide us to what we want the destination to be. As one may stop along a road to smell flowers, an equal act of appreciation is to stop and take a picture, which could hold that moment for ever.

Our theme for CONTACT 2015 is within those roads.
It’s in the pathways and streets, gravel roads and corporate stairways, which you climbed and walked to get to your “here”, to where you are today.
We only ask that you show us the journey.
It could be a past or present, it could be a street scene or spontaneous action. It could be a building or even a flower. It could be a face you saw on the journey, or perhaps a representation of the journey itself.