PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE - February 9 - 21, 2008

IRiKO and Peter W
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 9, 5-7 pm

Arta Gallery is proud to present this exhibition of an unusual artistic collaboration. IRiKO, an established painter of atmospheric images, is represented by several works from her new series In the Spirit of Romanticism, and Peter W, a young emerging artist, is represented by vibrant and dynamic paintings that embody the thrill of painterly action.

These two creative individuals, an aspiring artist and his mentor, coexist peacefully in their mutual respect for one another's freedom of expression, as well as in their embrace of their artistic differences.

Also an exhibition designer, IRiKO has conceived this display of paintings with a view to creating a synergy that highlights the complexities and refinements of her own mature art, while celebrating the intuitive and natural artistic sensitivities of Peter's evolving vision.

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