“OUTER BEAUTY”- November 7 - 20, 2012

Steve Levinson
Opening Reception: Friday November 9, 5-9PM
"Outer Beauty"
Photographs by Steve Levinson

"Levinson has used his camera as cameras often want to be used: as creators of dreamscapes, as traps for fugitive weathers and atmospheres we can hardly see, but only sense."

.......John Bentley Mays, National Post

Hello! I have been finding that, in my opinion, much of contemporary photography, despite brilliance in composition or technique, presents an air of posed artificiality and pretentiousness, as if the artist is trying too hard to be taken seriously.

I have always taken a different approach. My images are candid. I capture moments spontaneously, as they occur, with little or no prior planning. The result is that my images rarely develop within a specific theme; any thematic element is provided by the technique of shooting itself. Many viewers have called my images honest or sincere, and I consider this a tremendous compliment.

With the exception of some color enhancement or correction, the images in Outer Beauty have been produced without major digital manipulation, special effects, double exposures, sandwiching, or the use of special filters. My images show events that come to light right in front of us every day. Many are printed on water color paper, and create a highly atmospheric mood.

I would be privileged if you would take the time to visit my Exhibit at Arta, and I hope that at least some of my images will provide you with a feeling of pleasure, interest, curiosity, or wonder.

Thanks so much

Steve Levinson

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