NUIT BLANCHE TORONTO 2012 - September 29 - 30, 2012

Opening Reception: Saturday September 29, 7:03 PM - 3:00AM

Arta Gallery presents: Collective Absurdity
Curated by Fay Athari and Thom Sokoloski

Please join us on Saturday September 29, 7:03PM to 3:00AM for a free all-night contemporary art event.

Takin Aghdashloo - Tehran Dance (2012)

"Tehran Dance" is a 1991 found video footage of a wedding party in Tehran, Iran. Juxtaposing the modern and the traditional, the sexually segregated religious guests are entertained by a group of young Iranian break-dancers. The video depicts an image of the divided social values in the post-revolution, post Iran-Iraq war Iranian society.

Anahita Azrahimi - Dancing in my bedroom

A grieving mother whose whole being gets stuck in a room of treasured belongings of her dead son. Her soul lingers and dances around the memories as long as she will remember.
Dancing in my Bedroom is choreographed and performed by Olga Barrios based on a poem, in the bedroom, by Charles Smith.

Haleh Jamali and Monica De Ioanni - Table

The piece consists of Haleh and Monica seated casually at a table chatting together. The video is silent and the content of their chat a mystery. However, there are subtitles in each version of this video, written by two different writers, Mary Paulson-Ellis and Jaimie Macdonald. The writers were invited to investigate and develop their own unique version of their conversation based on symbolic clues in the video.

Semco Salehi - Pahlavan va Hamsarash

"Pahlevan and his wife" is a vivid representation of the experience of many immigrants, who live an insular existence by only following the culture and traditions they left behind. Despite living in a new country, they choose not to embrace its culture and customs. These immigrants generally transmute into individualistic.

antisocial entities who live inside their small diaspora, and, indeed invent a virtual intimacy in order to conceal the communication obstacles.

Tatiana Jennings - "And when I look in his eyes, it is not his eyes that I see"

Video installation/performance "And when I look in his eyes, it is not his eyes that I see" plays with side effects of image taking : objectification, disassociation and the transition from private to public, from alive to inanimate. The work is inspired by Man Ray's film The Starfish and the work of Marcel Duchamp. True to Dadaist form this work doesn't attempt to make any sense at all.

Visual artist include: Madison Leeson, Heather Elizabeth Hughes, Arturo Herrera, Jonny Silver

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