NEAR AND FAR - March 16 - 24, 2019

Finding your voice and evolving your own style is a quest of identity. In this exhibition, each work of art employs a narrative which explores high and low and near and far perspectives of native and foreign land.

On behalf of Arta Gallery, we invite you to tell your story. We are currently accepting submissions for “Near and Far” and the selected works will be exhibited March 16-24.

Artists represented by Arta Gallery, curated by Fay Athari:
Ebrin Bagheri • Navid Fard • Elham Fatapour • Hedye Hajforoush •
Seyeh Irankhah • Fereshteh Jowzi • Merecede Tehrani

Artists represented by Eran Gallery, curated by Reza Paykazadi:
Kourosh Arish • Behzad Ajdari • Farzad Faraji • Mani Mehrzad

Artists and Designers represented by Virgo Gallery, curated by Hedieh Ebrahimi:
Ms. Farin Norouzi Panah • Kondis • Gileh Gol • Shahrzad Group •
Charm Rouhi • Ms. Mar-z

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