INSERT ADVENTURE HERE - August 3 - 4, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday August 3, 7pm-11pm


No Plan B is a small group with the goal of establishing fundraising events within local venues to raise awareness and invite the community to partake in charitable functions for the benefit of our fellow man and/or the environment. We are a small group of friends doing this on the side, and each year we select one charity organization to represent along with a venue to accommodate our cause. Our only plan is to create memorable events so those who participate will attribute it to the greater good, causing an echo of awareness between friends and family, strangers and peers. This year we are putting together a showcase of the arts, simply entitled:

. There isn’t necessarily a central theme for the show itself as the title is meant to be more of a metaphor of sorts, insert adventure… imagination… as if with a blank canvas - the pen, the brush, the voice, the visuals will take you on an adventure… Proceeds and donations will be going towards the Sick Kids Foundation. The venue is the Arta Gallery at 14 Distillery Lane, Toronto. The night will consist of artists ranging from visual, musical, performing artists… Join us! -

No Plan B (Sydney, Philip, Mark, and Justin)

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