EXPOSURE - March 20 - 26, 2012

Amanda Urbanski, An Nguyen-Duong, Brittany Ellis, Brittany Pacitti, Chanelle Francis, Chris Borgers, Christopher Tonkinson, Dana Bronsteter, Devin Dubeau, Elora Neilson, Emma Allen, Gemma Fairfull, Genia Shapira, Helga Napolitano, Hilary Spencer, Jacob Allen-Jordan, Josh Allsopp, Julie Metni, Kerry-Anne Gallagher, Kevin Dalli, Kristina Interisano, Kristyn Klamut, Laura Tuttle, Laynna Meyler, Linda Arki, Mallory Cheung, Matt Waghorn, Megan Ursini, Melanie Rees, Melissa Aquino, Melissa Pinard, Nicole Craigie, Olivia Tisdale, Sarah Westlake, Tiffany Trinidad
Opening Reception: Tuesday March 20, 6-10PM


"The University of Guelph-Humber proudly presents the graduating class of 2012 Imaging Arts students in their very own gallery show, "eXposure". Each photographer brings their own styles and interests to the Distillery District to showcase their professional imaging and artistic skills."

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