DYNAMIC FRAGMENTS - March 4 - 16, 2006

David Brown, Clairelise Folch, Ania Pavienko
Opening Reception: Saturday March 4, 4-7pm

David Brown
Working in mixed media and encaustic, David creates collages which are a visual record of human interaction. Juxtaposing materials and messages, he combines colours, found objects, and recycled typography to illustrate the diversity and vitality of city dwelling. Fusing urban culture & artifact, David’s abstract snapshots give us an opportunity to take a new look at the beauty and richness of our environment.

Clairelise Folch
Clairelise Folch-Fischer uses collage intuitively as her paint brush, exploring the relationship between parts and the whole, chaos and order. Her work expresses symbolic communication through metaphor and at times translates travel experiences into images. Her work is represented in public and private collections.

Anya Pavienko
For Anya, painting is “an intuitive, creative expression of ideas and feelings for color, space, universal truth and the need to adapt to the changes taking place all over the world”.

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