DOMINIQUE ZELUNKA - July 30 - August 12, 2015

Artist, Dominique Zelunka presents her newest collection to Arta Gallery in time for the Pan Am Games.

Her collection features figures in motion; a mixture of Tennis players and Flamenco Dancers, both displaying the concept of power and perseverance.

Dominique’s collection of large-scale Tennis players are all modelled after and inspired by Serena Williams. “She has the perfect serve. She has qualities which I admire; physical strength and mental fortitude, intensity and perseverance.” It is done through the subtle abstraction of shape and form, blended profusely and alluding to action. The palettes are minimal, but saturated to highlight a balanced and harmonious internal struggle found most commonly in the ambitious, the driven, and the willful.
Dominique’s line of smaller scale paintings reveals the methodic movement of Flamenco dancers with their exotic and colourful dresses.
This body of work is meant to highlight the connection between the Athlete and the Artist.
“Both want to play before an audience. Their need is one to exhibit."

Dominique Zelunka began with her studies of Figure Drawing in Paris, where she developed an admiration for relaying motion in bodies. Her work since has often been about drawing a line between Art and Sport. It is fitting that her solo exhibit at Arta Gallery should fall directly in the midst of Pan Am excitement, and that the chosen venue is in the heart of the Historic Distillery District, beside the Pan Am Athlete’s village.

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