DEAR WORLD - February 13 - 26, 2018

Andrew Benyei, Brooke Palmer, Corynn Kokolakis, Dina Torrans, Elizabeth Hardinge, Eric Simard, Francisca Correa, Ivo Stoyanov, Jan Wheeler, Jerre Davidson, Kaitlin Johnson, Katrina Jurjans, Leah Hicks, Libby Sims, Maurice Tan, Samar Hejazi, Victor Colesnicenco

Opening Reception: 6pm - 8pm


Join us for a celebration of love this February at Arta Gallery. We have invited a few of our artists to challenge our perception of love and romance. Valentines Day often succumbs to an overly commercialized and stereotypical ideology of love bound by strictly romantic confines. Love, in fact, can be found all around us! Our artists will critically examine the construct of love, in the efforts to reveal the crucial role it plays in our lives. We invite you to take part in this critical examination of love beyond romance.

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