COLORSIGNALS 5 - June 11 - 23, 2005

Burton Kramer

Opening Reception: Saturday June 11, 4-7pm


Designer of the CBC Identity, recipient of ‘The Order of Ontario’ and an Hon. Doctorate from OCAD, Burton Kramer presents his fifth solo exhibition of acrylic abstractions, ‘ColourSignals 5’. Burton Kramer is a lyrical colourist painter in the tradition of ‘Geometric Abstraction’. His ‘ColourSignals 5’ works are infused with sounds and rhythms, with almost choreographic visual references to dancing feet, to jazz, to bebop, the ‘lindy hop’, baroque music, marching massed hurdy-gurdys, Mozart, multi-layered Senegalese and Haitian drumming. In Kramer’s work, the placement, size, shape and organization of his geometry provides the musical structure, while the use of rich, often quirky colour provides the sounds. He brings the carefully tuned eye of years of successful design practice to his craft, as did many well known international artists. From a background that includes colour studies with the renowned Josef Albers at Yale, personal contact with leading

European constructivist artists, and more recent dialog with website-based international artists, Kramer offers a thoughtful, intentionally light hearted visual positivism in an art scene often submerged in angst, literalism, shock and slight entertainment presenting itself as art. Often as whimsical as Miro, Kramer’s paintings are serious ‘eye-candy’ that collectors take home and happily live with. Some have said ‘It’s like having sunshine in the room’. His paintings have been shown in Toronto, Mexico City, Bogota and Vienna. Kramer is a recipient of: The Order of Ontario ‘for his contributions to the cultural life of the Province’: Honorary Doctorate from Ontario College of Art & Design and a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from ArtsToronto. He is an Academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and is listed in ‘Who’s Who in American Art’, ‘Canadian Who’s Who’ and ‘Who’s Who in The World’. His work can be viewed on the web at: or

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