CAPTURE - May 15 - June 3, 2012

Opening Reception: Wednesday May 16, 6 - 9PM

Riding the next wave after successful SNAP! auction, Photo Editor, Dolores Gubasta//KlixPix is back with another stimulating show of emerging and well established photographers. Many are commercial shooters who are setting their sights on the fine art world. Personal work is the juice that keeps them fresh. Images from Newfoundland to the Yukon are sure to delight. 


Trailer with a Red Stripe
Ned Pratt


Struan, Bob Carnie, Ana Çop, Kevin Kelly, Frank Desgagnés, Christian Fleury, Jeff Hewitt, Salina Kassam, Juris Kornets, Elaine Ling, Don Newlands, Laura Patterson, Maureen O’Connor, Matthew Plexman, Nicolette Potter, Ned Pratt, Robert Sprachman, Russell Monk

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