BEING THERE, VOLUME 2 - July 24 - August 8, 2004

Sam Shahsahabi
Opening Reception: Saturday July 24, 3-
My dissatisfaction with reality has made its reappearance for some time in my practice. In Being There series, like my old mural size drawings I turn my attention to what has not been. Habitually I sense no explanation can illustrate the mirage in front of us, only an arena in which silence and conspiracy are hand to hand.

Consequently, I feel liable to repeat myself with different disguised to comment on my feeble being. On the level of perception, this need for repetition justifies itself in the process of achieving Baudelaire’s “stereotype” . But there is another and more significant reason for my semiotic polyphony, which is linked to the struggle against the feeling of psychological and social alienation. Being There defines this type of alienation as a phenomenon caused by a process of social degeneration, an ineluctable crisis of a society at once unable to die or renew itself.

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