AWAKENING - May 10 - 22, 2018

Opening Reception: May 10th, 6-8pm


Radha Chaddah is a visual artist and scientist whose photographs and light sculpture installations explore the unseen realities. Awakening presents the cellular world for our consideration. The cells in these photographs have been grown from different kinds of stem cells and represent a progression in the accumulation of knowledge, which has led us to this moment, where scientists now understand how to reprogram adult cells to become embryonic-like stem cells.

There are gaps in this understanding as it relates to our ability to cure disease and degeneration. These dark places are where human imagination lies, teeming with desire to control our biology for a myriad of ends. Crawling over the abyss is the cell, growing in a dish and liberated from the control of the body; tiny unit of ourselves and all living things.

Radha Chaddah lives in Toronto. Born in Owen Sound, she studied Film and Art History at Queen’s University (BAH), and Human Biology at the University of Toronto, where she received a Master of Science for her research on stem cells. She has received fine arts training at OCADU, the Toronto School of Art and the Haliburton School of Fine Arts.

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