19 MEMORIES 2 TRAVELS - October 6 - 16, 2011

Rosa Guasch
Opening Reception: Thursday October 6, 6-8 PM


Like the French impressionist, the Fauvist and the German expressionist, my starting point is the escape of copying or imitating reality. Using exalted and contrasting colours through an abstract use of stains and agile strokes, I arrive at compositions in which colours and forms originate from perceived reality; figurative scenes of shorelines, cities, countryside, and moments that emotionally moved me through my journeys.

My work reflects my ongoing efforts to demonstrate the impulse of life, its changes or movement, moments of my immediate environment caught in my eyes through my travels. I try to involve the viewer in the act of looking, seeing or feeling emotions, emotions through art, because art has to be based on things of the mind, on thoughts, memories, dreams, and intuition with abstract elements of time, colour, shape, and surface dominating plastic form or spatial illusion.

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