Wolfgang Kals - Opening Reception - November 07, 2013


What a success! Wolfgang Kals' debut exhibition, running Wednesday, November 6th to Sunday, November 10th was a short but meaningful show for Arta Gallery. 

Exhibiting Kals' private estate collection, as well as his own life work, the debut exhibit was well recieved at the Opening Reception and VIP Media Night last week. Please find all photos from both evenings on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/artagallery. 

The late artist Kals was a prolific contemporary painter, sought after by international collectors & exhibiting at the London National Gallery in his earliest years. During his life as a publishing mogul he painted under his father’s name Wolfgang Kals, managing to keep his publishing success independent of his artistic authenticity. Inspired by the human body and notions of fame he encountered through his publishing career he began using iconography to denote meaning in his work. Kals imagery boasts a vast range of sizes and explores compelling notions of artistic practice and subject matter. The WK collection is comprised of original Kals acrylic and oil paintings as well as the Kennedy family’s estate collection; this exclusive display included prints by Kals contemporaries Chagall and Picasso as well as Chihuly glassworks.


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