Time Lost Photography Exhibition

Arta Gallery presents TIME LOST as part of the 2021 Contact Photography Festival. The exhibit pulls the curtain on some of the more private scenes and experiences of our current moment; where we once had no time, we now have the ability to get lost in our internal world, indulging on some things while deprived of others. Featuring the works of Canadian and International artists, this collection takes the viewers on a tour of pieces that came out of isolation. Capturing moments that are both static yet moving, these photos invite one’s imagination to re-examine what is ordinary and what’s extraordinary. Our experience of isolation has created an invisible bond, and though each with our individual state of mind. TIME LOST is an exhibit looking at what we found among the loss. 

Participating Artists:

David Wile
Laura Jane Petelko
Christina Sideris
Jodi Chapnik
Edith Levy 
Meagan Ogilvie 
Elsa Hashemi 
Parham Didehvar 
Sage Steward 
Morgan Jones


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