The World on the Street - An Exhibition to Showcase Scott Froschauer

We are happy to announce that The Distillery will be showcasing the works of experimental artist Scott Froschauer with the outdoor art exhibition – “The Word on the Street”. Froschauer’s work is first and foremost experiential, focusing on pieces that are not easily captured through photography and digital distribution. From the setting of reassuring street signs to the texture of burnt canvas, his art pieces are designed to be experienced in person. The art will be on display beginning this next week and will run until October 2020.

Yield by Scott Froschauer

By using the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative wording (Stop, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way…) with positive affirmations, “The Word on the Street” seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet.

You Are Alive by Scott Froschauer

Relax by Scott Froschauer

Breath by Scott Froschauer

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