Elevator15 Celebration & Photo Event - July 30, 2014

Elevator15 is about great photographic work, and the people with whom Elevator has worked with for many years.  This celebration & photographic event is an opportunity to take home beautiful, valuable work at a nominal price.The event works on a 'buy-a-ticket, get-a-print’ premise.  Like a draw, where everybody wins.  The surprise is in which print.  You really can’t lose and it will be a fun evening.

We will also be auctioning a 1/1 special edition print of Vivian Maier’s iconic self portraits.This will be the first platinum/palladium print of her work, ever; made by us (there is more info on this print on the site at the link below).



We hope you will buy a ticket and join us for this fabulous evening! 

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