EARTH ART - JUN 13 - JUL 5, 2020

Arta Gallery is excited to announce its upcoming exhibition ”Earth Art” that will be running from June 13 to July 5th, 20.

Earth Art draws attention to nature that is the ultimate artistic source of inspiration, rejuvenation, and the means of self-reflection and self-discovery. The exhibition presents a collective interpretation and reconstruction of natural landscapes in various mediums. Arta invites visitors to take a closer look at these imaginary, illusional, abstract, ephemeral, or seldomly overlooked surroundings in the hope of forging a deeper understanding of our relationships and connections with the natural world.

Featured artists:
A. Shackleton
B. Boyko
N. Lassman
A. Hardie
M. Greenwald
L. Wilson
S. Carlson
H. Nicholas
H. Jung

Arta Member Artists:
L. Burke
L. Sims
B. Palmer
P. Goldfarb
L. Hicks
M. Zarowsky
K. Taylor
J. Wheeler
M. Jones
C. Loeb
J. Maclean
M. Ebrahimi
C. Harte


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