Cinema on Cinema - May 13, 2010

Cinema on Cinema and Arta Film Club present Calendar 
May 13, 7:00PM  at Arta Gallery                                    
Atom Egoyan in attendance

                                                      Please RSVP by May 8

In November of 2009 I started Cinema On Cinema, screening a variety of
films in a myriad of genres.  What began as an informal "get
together", has increased in popularity, to the point that I needed to
expand to a larger venue.  As a filmmaker living and working in
Canada, I have met many interesting and extraordinary film makers and
am proud to be part of this community. Also, Toronto is home to a very
large Iranian community of which I am proud to be involved with as
well. In last 20 years, Iranian Cinema has reached a pinnacle in
showing the world where the combination of culture and history and
talents can reach. Thanks are owed to Abbas Kiarostami, Jafar Panahi,
Bahman Ghobadi and many other film crusaders for making this path
smoother than ever for the young Iranian filmmakers. Young Iranian
Canadian film makers have continued the spirit of that cinematic
journey. One hopes that they will draw upon the social landscape of
Canada.  And it is my sincere wish that by introducing Canadian Cinema
to the Iranian community, a new appreciation, involvement and
engagement with the Canadian cultural mosaic. For that, I've decided
to start our new season by screening of Atom Egoyan highly acclaimed
film CALENDER. I am honored to have academy award nominated director
Atom Egoyan in attendance to answer our questions and queries.
This will hopefully be the first of many times that the directors are present.
This screening series is a continuation of the work of the Arta Gallery,
once again showing their commitment to cinema.
Building upon the film presentations that have already taken place.
I would like to thank Arta gallery and my friend and colleague
Firouzeh Aghdashlo for providing us with the space.
In order to help with overhead there is small door fee($5) but
larger donations are appreciated. Please note there is limited seating
and booking in advance is advised.
Film curator and presenter,

Mazdak Taebi

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